name: hal    age: 16 / 3.20 [aries]    gender: cis girl    status: pan / single   

hiya!! im a highschool junior who's super into ocs and astrology. i love makin friends/chatting so feel free to dm me whenever, about whatever!! im white, jewish, mentally ill and able bodied. i have a dog named kohana, and two guppies named ponyo & sousuke!

  • i dont have any kins but i really relate to ava ire & atsuko kagari / use them as icons!
  • i have very bad memory problems
  • i tag for tmi, loud volume, nsfw images (and occasionally text).
  • if you want to break mutuals, you may want to hardblock me, or tell me when you sb me (if you can)! i might forget and follow back
  • please keep kin drama off my tl asjdsjdhj
  • please keep ace discourse off my tl too thanks....
  • im honestly just here to have a good time . thx
please tag for trypophobia and animal abuse. i wont follow you if you cant tag these, sorry!
  • if you think adult/minor relationships, incest, etc are ok (both irl and fiction)
  • if you use the f or r slurs at all
  • if youre a terf, hate lgbt+ ppl, racist, anti semetic.... idk why youd follow anyway lmao

  • ava's demon
  • little witch academia
  • steven universe(?)
  • eden of the east
  • boku no hero academia
  • fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood
  • sailor moon
  • fire emblem (fea + echoes)
  • pokemon
  • animal crossing
  • stranger things
  • sense8
  • ghibli/hosoda movies

  • O C S

  • astrology
  • html/coding... kind of
  • painting